Ways to join in serving

Connect me with a ministry opp. Or you church office at either staffassist@wevfree.org or (952) 955-1745 to find out more.
Worship Ministries: Choirs, Tech Team, Greeters, Worship Teams, Special Music  
Community Ministries: Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Small Groups
Care Ministries: Care Corps, Visiting (Hospital & Home), Nursery, Bridal & Baby Showers  
Facilities Ministries: Kitchen, Care of Facilities, Grounds, Equipment & Training
Outreach Ministries: VBS, Missions, Evangelism 
Children’s  Ministries: Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry  
Prayer Ministries: Saturday Night Prayer, Special Prayer Events
Administration Ministries: Stewardship, Budget, Finances & Audit