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Through the WEFC Care Ministries, it is our desire to demonstrate Christ to our church family in the way that we show care, comfort and support for each other.  Current care teams that serve others

Care Corps Family meals prepared and delivered by WEFC volunteers after hospitalization, illness or crisis (if a regular attender). Contact Pat Thompson, (952) 955-1488 or Nancy Hokenson, (952) 955-1110.  If you are a Care Corps Coordinator, you may click the link to set up a meal train for someone in need.  (Set up a meal).
Volunteer-staffed nursery during church service and Sunday School. Contact Cara Clevenger, carajess08@gmail.com.
Sweet Comforts Christmas baskets are assembled and delivered to widows, widowers, single seniors and single moms by WEFC volunteers. A spring luncheon is prepared and presented for widows and female single seniors. Contact Ellen Runka, (952) 217-3907.
Expressions of Encouragement
Volunteers deliver cards, memorials and gifts of encouragement to those hospitalized or under special circumstances on behalf of WEFC. Contact Kathy Deidrick, (952) 955-1639.
Shut-in Visitation
Visiting our shut-ins on a monthly basis. Contact Janis Runka (men) 952-955-2085 or Patty Falk (women) (952) 353-2102. 
Showers of Blessing
Providing opportunities to celebrate new milestones in women’s lives (first marriages and first babies born while attending WEFC) bringing together women of varied experience levels as an informal network of support. Contact Therese Salonek, tsalonek@msn.com

We would love to have you join us in blessing others. Opportunities vary by time of year and may be one-time or on-going. Contact one of the team leaders above or Debbie Hoseth, (952) 288-9844, destinydriven2@frontiernet.net, if you are interested, have questions or ideas.